Tutorial: TRIPOD - Real-time Machine Vision Software(added 11/27/01)
Tutorial: Control Devices over the Internet (added 06/14/01)

 Want to interface your PC and
 Build your own robot?
 Construct an XYZ table?
 Design a Home automation controller?
 Hookup sensors?
 Acquire data?
 Control motors?
 Maybe Boondog has the answers...

Build-it-yourself Tutorials
Boondog's tutorials provides you with do-it-yourself-style articles. These articles show you how to interface devices to your PC. Devices like motors, relays, A/D and D/A converters, LCDs, keypads etc. The tutorials are complete with schematic wiring diagrams, parts lists, parts suppliers, Black & White photos highlighting construction tips, circuit and programming code descriptions, PCB artwork and source code. So freely download and happy building.

Boondog is open-architecture. This means all of Boondog's schematics, PCB artwork and programming code is freely downloadable and viewable. Much like the shareware/freeware concept for software, Boondog believes open-architecture will lead to use and product adoption.

Open-architecture makes Boondog accountable. You can easily calculate parts cost, construction time, mail-order shipping costs. This forces Boondog to make prices for kits or assembled units reasonable! Boondog is positive you will agree. Open-architecture makes other companies accountable too! Are they charging outrageous prices and ripping you off?

Boondog's PCBs, Kits and Assembled Units
You can learn a lot from breadboarding your own circuits. Reading the tutorials and downloading the PCB artwork you don't have to buy a thing from Boondog. But with first-time building comes hindsight. With hindsight comes experience, which goes into the design of every Boondog PCB, Kit and Assembled unit. Boondog designs for flexibility and expandability. For example, Boondog's PCBs have extra header posts. Boondog usesprototyping-friendly connectors like IDC's (DB-sub connectors are difficult to use on 0.1 inch breadboards!). Boondog PCBs even have 0.1" prototyping holes so that you can easily add your own creations.

The PCB Artwork is freely downloadable so that you can take a look for yourself. Boondog contracts PCB fabrication to Alberta Printed Circuits, a respected circuit board manufacturer. All PCBs, Kits and Assembled units you purchase are professionally made.

Application Manuals and Software
You receive bounded Applications Manuals and companion disks with your Boondog order. Some chapters are freely downloadable here. These manuals give you detailed schematics, Black & White photos, parts list and suppliers, circuit and programming descriptions, schematic wiring diagrams. For example the 8255 PC Interface Card Applications Manual shows you how to interface

to your PC. You can breadboard many of these circuits for under $10 in parts. The Apps Manuals are idea books accelerating you past low-level programming and wirewrapping and onto your engineering creation - be it a robot, an XYZ table or data acquisition.

No hidden costs!
Many companies advertise devices that looks cheap. But their products often force you to buy their special cables or terminal expansion boards at inflated prices. Boondog products always comes complete with cables, spacers, terminal expansion boards. Boondog is accountable - are they?